Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Mythology of the Rowan (Sorbus Acuparia)

Sorbus acuparia (Rowan)

So is is time for me to start learning the latin names of plants, fruit and vegetables. In terms of learning and adult learning in particular I feel I need to first connect with the relationship I had and have with the plants themselves.

So what do I already know about a Rowan (Sorbus acuparia) ? And why is it called Sorbus acuparia? My first thought is of Scotland where I lived for some years and studied Human Ecology at the University of Edinburgh. I remember gathering Rowan berries in Edinburgh - and making Rowan jelly. The jelly turned out to be a glorious bright orange colour - and I've thought of that ever since when I look at them. I also know though that the berries get squishy quite quickly and as far as eating the jelly was concerned - I was iffy about that as there were so many tiny worms inside them. Extra protein perhaps and extra flavour (?!).

As far as I remember Rowan is also a symbol for wisdom. So it is a lovely plant to be dealing with on a Royal Horticultural Society course. And it features somewhere on the website of Reforesting Scotland.

Here is the Royal Horticultural Society low down on Sorbus Acuparia for you all:

and here is something of the myth and magic of Sorbus Acuparia