Wednesday, 21 January 2009

'We are ready to lead once more'

I hope this is true, Mr. President.

Hope you're talking about PEACEFUL leadership. Hope you get the support you need to put flesh on the bones of the promises you're making.

As you said, millions of people are ALREADY suffering from the knock-on effects of climate change, over-consumption of resources (and over-use of pesticides). People are going without food and fresh water.

As the glitzy, inaugural gowns are put back in the cupboard - spare a thought for organic gardeners and farmers - putting their boots on again for another year of food production in their communities. Right across the planet. The work that they do is work done for their CHILDREN and their CHILDREN'S children.

This is MY contribution. I've come a long way in the past four years. Took on some land and converted it organically from derelict. I knew some things already, the rest I taught myself.

But we need to make it all easier. We need more (and better) training courses and more support for those who teach organic food production in schools and colleges. We need the best information about time-saving techniques that will work for people with a range of abilities. We need to support organisations like Garden Organic and Kitchen Gardener's International - they're doing the right research and finding fresh new ways to help people to grow their own successfully.

Best of luck.
(This message was sent to the White House Press Office today)
Photo: Winter flowering Heather: Erica carnea 'Challenger' in the window box at the front of my house.

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