Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Lentil soup

I'm cold. Going to make an easy, steaming lentil soup. I buy the organic ingredients in bulk so they're cheaper and use a breadmaker for home grown garlic bread. It really is a doddle and even with organic ingredients and home made bread works out at around 30p a bowl.

That's crisp courtyard-container-grown gorgeous Giant Winter Spinach thrown (artfully) on the top with a swirl of natural yoghurt (this helps if, like me you sometimes go overboard on the curry powder).

Here's how you make it:

1. Organic curry powder (more or less depending on how you like it - if there are children in the house you might want to leave it out, or add cardomon pods instead.
2. One packet of organic red lentils (washed well in a sieve)
3. A few onions if you've got them
4. Two cans organic chopped tomatoes
5. Marigold organic (reduced salt) stock powder
(magic stuff - I have been known to make a stock from scratch, but I don't do it often)
6. Pepper (I don't put salt in at all)
7. Some water
8. Home grown garlic (we like lots)

1.Fry onions lightly
2.Put curry powder in with lentils and fry lightly too
3.Add chopped tomatoes, water, stock powder, pepper, garlic. Heat up well.
4.Turn down and simmer for about an hour and a half. (This isn't as much work as it sounds - buy a simple kitchen timer with a cord to hang around your neck - set it and go away and enjoy yourself)

OR, put the huge pan of soup in a HAY BOX and forget about it for three hours until it is ready. What's that? You may ask? Subscribe to this blog using the box on the right and you won't miss finding out...


  1. Hello Frances! I've been reading your blog for a few months but only just realised that I know you! I was working at Garden Organic on the OFFA project when you did your training. Hope all is going well. I like the blog! Mine is
    I made lentil and leek soup and bread today too - it's that sort of weather...
    Cheerio, Karen

  2. Hello Karen, hope you got my email.
    Just shows how much resonance your work has had. Do keep in touch
    love from us
    F, R and R (aged 3)


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