Saturday, 7 March 2009

International Women's Day - Make Gardens Not War

I'm making an appearance at International Women's Day today with a stall. I've called it:

'Make Gardens Not War'.

Half the stall is going to be advice on organic fruit and veg growing (with lots of brilliant info. from Garden Organic and my own experience.

The other half reflects the situations of people in war zones, who can't grow their own food - or can only do so with difficulty. Because their water supplies are contaminated, or because they live in a conflict zone and the supplies don't get through. We know that women tend and produce much of the food on this planet.

A young film maker from Gaza has contacted me and sent greetings on International Women's Day and a link to his film which I'm hoping to show today on my lap top - he makes the humanitarian case under siege with his documentary called simply: 'Living without a bathroom'

Ayman T. Quader says: 'This is a story I made about the impact of Israeli siege over Gazans. He describes his film like this:

Shaban El-Bobali is a 47-year- old man living in EL-Maghzi refugee camp in Gaza strip. Shaban represents one of many families that living in the same situation or even worst because of the drastic Israeli siege on Gaza Strip. Shaban and his family are living in a very miserable situation where they live in a 45-meter house without bathroom and without any resources.
"Death, Destruction, Casualties, Martyrs, and Siege also" Words chosen by Shaban's wife to describe the suffering they are living. Due to the imposed Israeli siege that has been continuing for almost 11 months, Shaban El-Bobali was left unemployed and unable to support his family as many Palestinians citizens'.

I'm going to have a section of the stall devoted to 'Bloggers for Peace' too. Rod Cox is from Chester and he is currently on his way to Gaza with aid supplies in the convoy.

Last but not least, there is my friend and blogger Joan Meredith, she is currently on her way to Court to be tried for her protest at Aldermaston last year. She's a grandmother, 78 years old and has lost count of the number of times she has been arrested for her beliefs. We all know that the nuclear threat threatens us all, with or without a garden.

Follow her progress on

The slogan 'Make Gardens Not War' has been used throughout the years by different organisations. I ordered t-shirts with the logo on from fellow blogger at apifera farm but they haven't arrived yet, that's a shame.

The proceedings on International Women's Day are usually opened by our M.P. Christine Russell. Hoole Community Centre in Chester from 11.a.m. I'm going to try and post again with reactions, photos and comments.

Information and leaflets kindly provided by Chester Stop the War Coalition, Trident Ploughshares and many others.

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