Sunday, 23 August 2009

Foraging for Cherry Plums

Aren't these lovely colours? Blackberries. Red and yellow cherry plums. Little One and Other Half had been out foraging and had found a tree in a local park that was laden with them. Eaten raw, they weren't quite as tasty as some plums I've had - I believe it does vary - but I was nonetheless entranced. We've planted cherry plums on the allotment - they're growing fast, but not fruiting yet - it's too soon. Still - when we do get them - there will be masses, so I've been looking forward to finding easy, quick and tasty recipes for cherry plums.

Jam is the obvious one - but we've got lots of that and wanted to try something savoury. Came across a great-sounding recipe for lamb stew with cherry plums which we're going to try.

Cherry plums have lots of other attractions too. They flower really early in the year, so the blossom is lovely. We've planted them as a hedge and a wind break. They're also used in Bach Flower remedies.

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