Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Stop School League Tables for Five Year Olds

Happy New Year to you all. A strange title for a post on an organic gardening blog - but I feel the international petition to "Stop League Tables for Five Year Olds" will be of interest to followers of this blog too. Please consider signing, we already have some huge names on board such as Dr. Penelope Leach and Caroline Lucas M.P. At this link: "Stop League Tables for Five Year Olds". We hope to feature in the national (and international?) press later this week. Watch this space.

On the ground - it's mid-January. I can't believe I hadn't posted on this blog since last October. Please accept my apologies readers, I've not been idle. I usually try to keep up with the allotment throughout the winter doing odd jobs every week - so that I'm not faced with a huge backlog of work come the Spring.

This year has been no different really, apart from during the period of very severe weather over Christmas when I really DID find moments to put my feet up, thank goodness.

Before the severe weather set in, I did a lot of weeding and ordered no less than SIX new compost containers (very large ones). They're the black plastic dalek types and although they don't look picturesque, I've resolved to place them in such a way that a compost container is never far away, wherever I am working.

I planted garlic and red onion sets in raised beds back in November which seem to have survived the snow
and the thaw more or less intact. We've plenty of leeks and parsnips on hand still which is great.

Back in November I even got hold of some Saffron Crocus, Delphiniums, Black Tulips and some white flowers to go in-between - the names of which escape me. This year will be the first year we can start harvesting asparagus and rhubarb properly. So not bad going, despite the fact that I haven't been writing about it here! I really haven't got much more to do before the Spring apart from sort the seeds and tidy the shed. There's lots to look forward to. I'm going to be really busy so might switch to updating this blog once a fortnight if that's okay for you readers...?

Here's that important international petition link again, hope you will join me in 'growing' the numbers. Ta.

Stop League Tables for Five Year Olds. 

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