Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Election Prediction

'Rather than worship at the altar of celebrity chefs, (kitchen gardeners) look for practical ways of bringing their own day-to-day cuisine into the realms of the divine by using the best ingredients their land, climate, and skills will allow...' (KGI)

I love Kitchen Gardeners International.
They make me laugh.
I predict this organisation - and their charity 'auction' of the White House lawn - (they want to dig it up to make a vegetable garden) - will carry on winning friends way beyond the U.S. election...

A tenuous thematic link perhaps...why the picture? That's me laying bare some of my (rather scruffy looking but organically grown and just picked) leeks for the first time to a global audience. You may not be immediately impressed - especially not by the slight touch of leek rust (we'll come back to that one)...
Just you wait for the makeover. (In my next post).