Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Good Book Gifts for Gardeners

Looking for Christmas presents for gardeners?
I've got just NINE books on my good books list, and here are titles TWO AND THREE.
As you can see from the picture, my copies are very well thumbed!
Both of these books are entertaining and informative and I've read each of them more than once. You can order them via the Amazon links on this site.

On the right we have 'Allotments' by Twigs Way. This is quite a thin and reasonably priced paperback full of the most amazing and rarely seen pictures. I particularly like the images of women tilling plots during the Second World War. Plenty of vegetables and historically speaking there is a lot of 'meat' in it too, if you'll pardon the pun.

The sections on 'Politics and Allotments' and 'Allotments Across the Globe' provide insights into the struggles some plot holders have had through the decades to hold on to their plots.
I can imagine this book would make a great hospitality gift together with some organic chocolates or a bottle of wine, for anyone with an allotment, (or someone who is on the waiting list?) or anyone who loves allotment heritage.

The book on the left is 'Diggers Diary - Tales from the allotment' by Victor Osborne, journalist and former allotment columnist for the Telegraph.

This is entertaining too. It was one of the first allotment diary books to be published and some say it is still the best.

I always wondered why some people said it took them an hour to get from the allotment site gate to their plot and after reading Victor's book it finally dawned on me. In the main people want to stop and chat to you. And you want to chat to them.

Allotment sites are not simply soil and vegetable matter. They're also communities and Victor shows us lots of reasons to cherish them. The word pictures of characters on his site are really well crafted. This book is funny and sometimes scary too. His recipes are good. They're very simple. I've tried many of them and they work.

As I said if you want to buy any of the books on my list, visit this link. You'll be taken through to my list of recommendations at the Amazon online book shop:

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