Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Greenpeace Digs In

Sometimes we lose our way in life. Since I left Greenpeace Germany back in 1993 I've really missed working with the team of committed individuals I knew then.

Someone asked me quite sternly today why I had never mentioned my Greenpeace past. My friend's argument was - the things I learned and experienced in Greenpeace teams, are highly relevant to all sorts of campaigns and debates taking place now. Thanks for the prompt, M. I've turned over a new leaf - I'll be talking (and writing) about it again.

Fifteen years on, and Greenpeace is still connecting things up in my life. Climate Change. Allotments. Just look at this video. Makes me come over all emotional. 42,000 people supporting - but we need 100, 000. So follow the Airplot example, fellow fruit and veg growers.

We're GOING to win - we're GOING to win - we're GOING to win...

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