Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Allotment Plan

By special request. This is quite definitely a 'working allotment plan'. Didn't take me long to do - nothing fancy. Doesn't do the beautiful plot justice though. As to the size of the plot...not very good at exact measurements (I pace things out usually when I'm there) - I get the impression though that our plots are larger than most.

If you click on the photo you should be able to see a larger version of it. The plot-and-a-half is L-shaped. The boxes outlined in red are my Rotation Beds. The remaining features marked with a 'P' are all either permanent plantings or perennials. The next photograph shows which beds are planted up and which need to be filled. Looking at the photograph and the plan - I'm starting to feel we're doing well. The allotment was derelict in 2005.
My planting plan for the crop rotation beds:
1. Autumn sown onions (already sown last year)
2. Same
3. Same
4. Flexible
5. Autumn sown garlic (already in)
6 Flexible
7. Flexible
8. Flexible
9. Lady Christl new potatoes (chitting)
10. As bed 9
11. Broad beans Sutton small (started already in root trainers in courtyard at home)
12. Carrots (sharp sand mixed in beds)
Yet to decide: for flexible beds celery, lettuces, parsnips, calabrese...
My working definition of crop rotation at present is don't plant the same crop twice in the same place twice. Anything else is too stressful at the moment and the soil is not yet in danger of becoming exhausted as it has had so much organic matter added.
Tomatoes, basil, salad leaves in the courtyard at home. That's it!

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  1. That is perfect, thanks! Now I can work out what is where in the photos. Good work. Ten out of ten! And definitely not RUBBISH.


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