Thursday, 11 February 2010

A vegetable planner

There are masses of vegetable planners out there, but I wanted to make ours as simple as possible. A simple sowing plan designed so that we don't miss any windows to plant seeds. Tick off when done... :

FEBRUARY: Broad Bean - Sutton Plant in Root trainers - 16 plants
Tomato Money Maker Started off indoors paper pots 11th. Feb
Little Gems Indoors 11th Feb

MARCH: Parsnips
Carrots Early succession sow
Little Gems succession sow
New potatoes - Lady Christl
Spring onions
Nine Star Perennial
Tumbling tom Tomatoes
Lettuce leaved basil
Salad leaves in succession
Calabrese (Waltham)

APRIL Any I've missed or those which have caught the frost/slugs

MAY Leeks Early In plug planters, Leeks Late


JULY Winter cabbage

AUGUST Radicchio for the winter


OCTOBER Onions, garlic



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