Monday, 29 March 2010

Allotment Plan update

It's an important time of year - but where we live the ground is still too cold to sow seeds without cover. The new potatoes I planted two weeks ago are not showing yet. That's fine, they will eventually and it's a job I won't need to do again.

So yesterday down at the plot I spent time weeding and revising our planting plan a little. We lost almost all of our autumn sown onions, which is a shame, but then so did our neighbours - the winter was just too harsh and they rotted. So we needed to think about solutions to this problem. Got hold of some red onion sets instead  to fill the spaces and will be planting more spring onions for use in salads and later on, some winter hardy spring onions. The chives have germinated - so these will be useful too.

It was hard work yesterday - and fairly boring and the plot still looked quite bare as the leaves weren't out yet. The peach, pear and apple trees are all ready to burst forth with their buds and I'm hoping we'll get cherry plum flowers this year too - as they haven't fruited yet at all.

After tidying out the shed, I realised that in the last spate of burglaries we had lost our rechargeable light weight strimmer. I hope the thieves are satisfied - may it weigh heavily on their conscience that they have stolen from a family with disabilities and a small child.


  1. Hi Frances,

    I am one in a team of journalist students at the university of westminster currently working on an eco friendly website. It's called Weco. One of my stories is about growing your own organic fruit and veg by using organic soils and pesticides too.

    I was wondering if i would be able to use one of your stories for our website. With full credit and a link to your fantastic blog too.

    We are hoping to get other people interested and post their own stories on our website as the 'W' in Weco stands for wikipedia.

    It would be great to hear from you and hopefully you will have some tips for my father and i whom are currently growing our own fruit and veg organically.

    Look forward to hearing from you



  2. That's fine Emine. Let me know which story you would like to use and send a link. Best Frances


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