Friday, 9 April 2010

What to plant in Spring

Now that the first really warm days are upon us - we're finally able to do a little more in the veg. patch. At this time of year - when things get busier - I have a job writing everything down that I'm doing. So here is a very quick run down.

New potatoes

Still not showing yet. I'm a little concerned as I put them in shortly before a cold spell and didn't bother watering them. Keeping my fingers crossed.


The big news. This arrived in the post this week and I was able to make a trip down to the allotment straight away to put it in. But that warrants a separate post. I did take pictures, but can't find them right now, so stay tuned.

Broad beans

Currently still in root trainers. I'm hoping I can plant these out in the beds I've prepared at the weekend.


Very slow, they might catch up


Planning to sow these at the weekend too.


Showing. We'll be able to start eating this for the first time this year. I've got some good recipes lined up


Not showing yet. Needs some time, but it won't be long before we can eat this, no doubt

Spring onions

These have gone in - but they're not showing yet either

Clematis/Christmas Roses

Very, very glad to say that both of these have survived the winter. So I'm looking forward to being able to bring some more cut flowers home

Cherry Plum bushes

For the first time, we have flowers on these. Must take some pictures.

Little Gem lettuces

These are just about ready to plant out - I'm really looking forward to them as I'd bought a few bags of green leaves from the co-op and they taste of nothing compared to home grown.


Very slow, needs a bit of TLC.

Autumn sown onions

Lost these over the winter for the first time, so have planted some red onions instead


Last of the leeks pulled up today.

Strawberries in planter

These seem to be doing well. Watering is easy.

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